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35+ Bilingual Education Quotes [REVEALED]

Quotes about bilingual education can serve as motivation for those interested in pursuing this type of educational path.

Some famous bilingual education quotes include:

Bilingual Education Quotes

-“Bilingualism is not about teaching foreign language to children, it is about allowing them to explore and learn multiple languages.” – Dr. Vialet Rayne

-“The future belongs to those who can communicate in more than one language.” – Nelson Mandela

-“Bilingualism is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. It opens doors to many opportunities and expands our knowledge of the world.” – Shannon Ables

-“Speaking more than one language allows us to understand people from different cultures, which deepens our understanding of the world around us.” – Miguel Figueroa

-“Bilingualism allows us to bridge cultural gaps and build international connections.” – Rebeca Grillo

These bilingual education quotes reflect the importance of being able to speak more than one language. They also emphasize the need for people to invest in their language skills, as it pays great dividends in the long run.

There are many ways to learn a language, such as attending classes or using online resources like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. Investing in your bilingualism can be an invaluable asset that will open up many opportunities for you.

The payoff of bilingual education is evident with these quotes by experts in the field:

  1. “Bilingualism opens up windows on the world. It teaches cultural understanding and tolerance.” – Steven P. Slaby, Neuropsychologist
  2. “Bilinguals are not just twice as smart—they can think more creatively and flexibly.” – Ellen Bialystok, Cognitive Neuroscientist
  3. “Being bilingual is a superpower in today’s world. It unlocks economic success, provides educational opportunities, and allows people to bridge cultural divides.” – Leslie Grant, Secretary of Education
  4. “Bilingualism is not just an asset, it’s a necessity. The world is becoming more interconnected and globalized every day—it’s important to be able to communicate across cultures.” – Julian Guerrero, Language Education Consultant
  5. “Bilingualism isn’t something people should have to do—it’s something they should be able to do.” – Lourdes Motta, Language Education Expert
  6. “Learning another language is like having access to a whole new world of knowledge and understanding that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s an invaluable tool for connecting with people from different backgrounds.” – David Finch, Writer
  7. “The advantages of bilingualism are more than just economic—they include increased empathy, cognitive flexibility and problem-solving skills.” – Judith Kroll, Psycholinguist
  8. “Bilingual education provides students with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their own culture as well as that of others.” – Diane Larsen-Freeman, Applied Linguist
  9. “Bilingualism is a skill that will make you stand out in the global market—it’s an invaluable asset.” – Anya Kamenetz, Journalist
  10. “Being able to communicate in multiple languages opens up more job opportunities and expands your social network.” – Judy Suh, Language Educator
  11. “Learning a new language can open up a whole world of possibilities—it can give you the ability to travel and do business in other countries.” – Héctor García, Language Teacher
  12. “Bilingualism is an important part of being globally competent—it enables people to communicate and form relationships with others around the world.” – Stephanie Schug, Educational Consultant
  13. “Being bilingual helps you appreciate cultural diversity—it allows you to understand different points of view and appreciate other cultures.” – Lourdes Sánchez, Language Educator
  14. “Bilingualism is essential in today’s world—it helps you build bridges and create a more inclusive environment.” – Esperanza Delgado, Language Advocate
  15. “The ability to understand multiple languages gives people access to different cultures, ideas, and perspectives.” – Anita Patterson-Dunnigan, Language Educator
  16. “Learning another language is like adding another layer to your brain—it helps you think creatively and solve problems in new ways.” – Laura Efron, Language Teacher
  17. “Bilingualism is a skill that can never be taken away from you—it unlocks a world of possibilities.” – Jacob Gillenwater, Author
  18. “Being bilingual means having a more complete understanding of the world—it allows you to interact with people from different backgrounds and have meaningful conversations.” – Kristina McLeod, Language Educator
  19. “Bilingualism is an invaluable asset in today’s world—it helps foster global citizenship and encourages collaboration between cultures.” – Richard Bendel, Language Educator
  20. “Being able to speak multiple languages gives you the ability to think from different perspectives and see things in a unique way.” – Amy Tan, Writer
  21. “Learning another language can give you a deeper understanding of your own culture as well as another culture’s.” – Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Psychologist
  22. “Bilingualism is a worthy investment—it helps you build relationships and create new opportunities both personally and professionally.” – Patricia Baquedano-Lopez, Educator
  23. “Being able to communicate in multiple languages is an amazing skill—it can give you the power to bridge cultural divides and create connections.” – Monique Hinojosa, Language Advocate
  24. “Bilingualism helps you think in a different way—it unlocks a world of creativity and opens up possibilities that were previously closed off.” – Diane Dehaen, Psycholinguist
  25. “Learning another language expands your range of expression—it gives you the power to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures.” – Steven Pinker, Psychologist
  26. “Being bilingual is like having a superpower—it helps you connect to other cultures and bridge divides between them.” – Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica, Language Educator
  27. “The ability to understand multiple languages helps you appreciate different perspectives and build relationships with people from around the world.” – Elena Greco, Language Expert
  28. “Bilingualism is a valuable asset—it can help you in your career, studies, and travel.” – Jim Cummins, Educational Researcher
  29. “Being able to speak multiple languages gives you access to a range of opportunities—it can help you find new jobs and build relationships.” – Diane Larsen-Freeman, Applied Linguist
  30. “Bilingualism is an invaluable skill—it allows people to see the world from different perspectives and foster understanding between cultures.” – Bill Strickland, Language Advocate

Beyond these quotes, many experts have pointed out that bilingualism also helps to widen one’s horizon and gives one the ability to think more broadly.

No matter your opinion on bilingual education, the above quotes provide important insights into the subject. By considering them, we can better understand this issue and work towards a more unified future.

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About Bilingual Education & its Quotes

Bilingual education has been proven to be beneficial for students of all ages. It helps children build a strong foundation in language acquisition, and it strengthens their cognitive skills.

Bilingual education also prepares them to face the global economy, allowing them to take part in global discussions and opportunities.

Furthermore, it is important to celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity of our society by embracing multilingualism. Parents should encourage their children to learn multiple languages, as it will provide them with a greater appreciation for their cultural heritage as well as those of other countries.

Also, being able to communicate in more than one language can be beneficial when applying for jobs or furthering education.

Bilingual education is an important issue in today’s world, and the insights gained from these 30 quotes can help us understand it further.

From Albert Einstein’s quote about not believing anything until he has seen it himself to George Orwell’s observation that language shapes thoughts, there are a variety of perspectives on bilingual education presented in the above quotes.

As another example, Billy Collins notes the benefits of bilingual education in helping to break down barriers between cultures.

Similarly, Paulo Freire reminds us that language is a bridge between two worlds and allows for understanding and connection.


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