20+ Best Multilingual Quotes [2024 Updated]

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We live in an ever-connected world where learning another language is no longer a foreign concept.

Studying a new language enables us to appreciate different cultures, connect with people in new ways, and better understand our own language.

It’s no secret that language learning is hard work, but the joy and satisfaction that come with it are worth the effort.

If you’re on the path to becoming multilingual or are already proficient in several languages, you’ll appreciate the sheer beauty of quotes that capture the essence of different languages.

Multilingual Quotes

In this blog post, we’ve put together some of the most inspiring multilingual quotes to help you stay on track. We hope you’ll find them as beautiful as we do.


Inspirational Multilingual Quotes

Here are some inspirational multilingual quotes to get you started:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” (Chinese proverb)

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” (English proverb)

“L’union fait la force.” (French proverb, meaning “unity is strength”)

“La vida es corta.” (Spanish proverb, meaning “life is short”)

“Una mente sana en un cuerpo sano.” (Spanish proverb, meaning “a healthy mind in a healthy body”)

“È ricco chi sa contentarsi.” (Italian proverb, meaning “he is rich who knows how to be content”)


Multilingual Quote About Love or Relationships

These inspiring words about love and relationships come from around the world. Here are some multilingual quotes to remind us of the joys and struggles of our relationships:

“Amor vincit omnia” – Latin for “love conquers all”

“L’amour est plus fort que tout” – French for “love is stronger than anything”

“爱情可以征服一切” – Chinese for “love can conquer all”

“Ilmuqarrabuun qalbiinu qalbiin” – Somali for “love brings hearts together”

“Las amo con todo mi corazón” – Spanish for “I love you with all my heart”


Multilingual Quote About Success & Determination

These multilingual quotes about success and motivation can provide a unique perspective and a source of encouragement and inspiration.

“Dai jin bu” – Chinese for “big progress”

“Aan de slag” – Dutch for “get to work”

“Σκληρή δουλειά επιτυχία” – Greek for “hard work success”

“Travailler dur” – French for “work hard”

“Kasapu karamu” – Telugu for “work diligently”

“Mashkiki” – Nahuatl for “persistence”


Multilingual Quote About Perseverance

No matter what language they come from, multilingual quotes can provide a unique perspective on the world and can inspire us to persevere and remain determined in pursuit of our goals. Here are some more quotes about perseverance and determination from around the world:

“Kein mensch ist so arm, dass er nicht einen Freund hätte” – German for “no one is so poor that they do not have a friend”

“Без труда не вытащишь и рыбку из пруда” – Russian for “you can’t even catch a fish in a pond without effort”

“Uno nunca sabe lo fuerte que es hasta que la fuerza es la única opción” – Spanish for “one never knows how strong they are until strength is the only option”

“Energia e entusiasmo superem todos os desafios” – Portuguese for “energy and enthusiasm surpass all challenges”

“Hingga kamu putus asa maka kamu tidak akan tahu seberapa kuat kamu” – Indonesian for “you don’t know how strong you are until you give up”

“Kagayake kokoro de ikou” – Japanese for “go with a shining heart”

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Conclusion: Multilingual Quotes

Multilingual quotes are a unique way to express yourself and add interesting perspectives to conversations.

With the ability to draw on the knowledge of multiple languages, these quotes can spark a deeper understanding and appreciation for different cultures.

From Spanish to Chinese, these quotes come from different parts of the world and offer a unique insight into the language and culture of each region.

Whether it’s a thought-provoking proverb or an uplifting quote, multilingual quotes can bring a unique element to any conversation.

Multilingual quotes can provide a unique and inspirational source of encouragement and motivation.

From Chinese proverbs about the power of knowledge to French quotes about the importance of friendship, these words from across the world can provide fresh perspectives on everyday life and spark thoughtful conversations.

No matter which language they come from, these inspirational multilingual quotes offer a unique perspective on the world and can provide a source of encouragement and motivation.


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