CaliforniaTomorrow is a complete EDU portal for students that provides vision, leadership, research, customized strategies, and ongoing support to community organizations, schools, policymakers, and advocates working toward a more equitable, inclusive, bilingual & multicultural society. We help transform institutions so that they are better able to serve a broader, more diverse public.

California has become one of the most ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse societies of our time. 25 years ago, the state’s population was nearly two-thirds White; today in 2006 it is 55% people of color, and no single group holds an ethnic majority. Our state is rapidly leading where the rest of the nation will follow: into a rich and complex multicultural future – where our diversity offers great benefits and resources but also carries the enduring legacies of racism and inequity, and where both individuals and institutions need new skills and approaches if we are to ensure everyone in our communities has access to power, opportunity and the ability to thrive.

CaliforniaTomorrow emerged as one of the first voices to call attention to this historic transformation and to embrace our society’s tremendous diversity as one of our greatest strengths.

More than twenty years later, the questions at the heart of our work are more important than ever: How can we create change to ensure economic equality, challenge oppression, expand opportunity, and advance social justice? How can we increase respect and understanding for all cultures and communities? How can we build strong vibrant relationships across lines of ethnicity, language, and class? And how can we support communities to draw on the power of multiple perspectives and voices?

We find the answers inputting values like accountability, equity, inclusion, and interdependence to work in public institutions, community organizations, and policymaking. Throughout the state and around the country, CaliforniaTomorrow engages directly with public schools, after school and youth programs, early childhood programs, community colleges, policymakers, community organizations, and philanthropic foundations in multifaceted change efforts:

  • We support Bilingual education & multilingual education programs across USA even though we are US based.
  • As a support to Bilingual programs, we provide answer keys & PDFs for various courses/books for FREE.
  • We advance new paradigms for cross-cultural interaction and partnership.
  • We use data to shine a light on disparities and call for the targeting of resources to the people and communities that need them the most.
  • We use research to inspire hope – to share and show what equity-centered education, youth programming, community projects, and policy initiatives look like.
  • We provide technical assistance, training, publications, and tools to change the culture of organizations so that diverse cultures are valued and affirmed, multiple perspectives are included, equity becomes a top priority, and progress is measured over time.
  • We put forth new models, new strategies, and new policy directions to bring about equity and inclusion in our institutions and our society.