Sam’s Club Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance 2024

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So, How Much Does Sam’s Club Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance Coverage?

Sam’s Club is a wholesale store that provides discounted products to the public. They provide an optometrist for members who need assistance with their vision.

An optometrist working for Sam’s Club is not able to prescribe medication, but he/she can provide advice on the prevention of eye diseases.

They can also take an imprint of a customer’s retina which will be sent off to be processed by an outside laboratory.

As a customer, you can receive an instant 25% off on all corrective eyeglasses because Sam’s Club offers a discount to its members. In order to take advantage of this offer, customers must have the prescription from their optometrist and have it read by an eye care professional at Sam’s Club.

In addition to providing vision tests and discounts on eyeglasses, Sam’s Club also carries other products such as photo finishing and eyewear accessories. All photography is provided by Kodak and it is offered for a discounted price to members.

If you’re not a member yet then feel free to join anytime! Note that you can become a member of Sam’s Club without becoming a member of Walmart.

As per our findings, in Sam’s Club Eye exams without insurance will cost you around $50 to $100 with an average charge of $61 per exam depending upon your location.

The eye exam includes testing the customer’s eyesight, checking for eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts, prescribing any corrective lenses required, and providing disease prevention advice. This is all done at no cost to the member opting to receive the service.

Also, these exams are provided by licensed doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases responsible for vision loss, eye care professionals, ophthalmologists, or optometrists.


About Sam’s Club

Sam's Club Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance

Sam’s Club is a chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs owned and operated by Walmart (check Walmart eye exam cost here), founded in 1983 and named after Walmart founder Sam Walton.

Sam’s Club offers both business and consumer memberships, as well as optical options, online shopping, check cashing services, money orders, bill pay services with extra fees, and wire transfer services.

Sam’s Club has 124 locations, located in 44 US states and Puerto Rico. All Sam’s Club locations require the purchase of membership; however, their savings offset this fact by providing more discounts to members than they do non-members. The minimum age for a Sam’s Club member is 18 years old.

Sam’s Club offers amazingly low prices to members on everything from groceries, home goods, clothing, electronics, jewelry, and moreover 100 services are offered at the Sam’s Club locations nationwide. Now you can even get your eye exam right in one of their retail locations!

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