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Lexia Answers For Power Up & Core 5 Learning

Following are the answers for the modules Power up & Core 5 under Lexia learning:

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Lexia Answers key for power up & core 5


Lexia Power Up Answers

Get the answers by watching below tutorial videos:


Lexia Core 5 Answers

We have arranged answers for Lexia core 5 level 1-21 in video format so that it will be easy for kids.

Get the answers by watching below tutorial videos:


Level 1 – A Picnic in the Woods


Level 2 – A Day at the Beach


Level 3 – A Snow Day in the City


Level 4 – The Amazon Rainforest


Level 5 – The Scottish Cliffs


Level 6 – A Day in Paris


Level 7 – The African Serengeti


Level 8 – The South Pole


Level 9 – The Egyptian Desert


Level 10 – An English Garden


Level 11 – The Swiss Alps


Level 12 – A Russian Circus


Level 13 – The Indian Rainforest


Level 14 – A Japanese Garden


Level 15 – A Journey Through China


Level 16 – The Great Barrier Reef


Level 17 – A Hawaiian Paradise


Level 18 – A Mexican Valley


Level 19 – The Southwest, USA


Level 20 – The Ancient Greek Countryside


Level 21 – Mesopotamia: Land Between Two Rivers


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About Lexia Learning & Power Up

Lexia learning provides a platform for learners to develop reading skills. Learners can choose from many different e-books on various subjects. In addition, learners are expected to read books online or download them on their android phones or tablets.

Lexia is easy and safe since learners will not be penalized if they make some mistakes during the assessment.

Lexia learning uses SRS (spaced repetition system) which automatically adjusts the time interval in which learners are expected to review certain chapters.

Lexia learning provides an introduction section where learners can learn about the story plot, characters, and setting, among other things. Learners can also choose whether they want to read or listen to the e-book. The sentence, word, and text levels can also be set in Lexia learning. For each story, a quiz is provided for learners to assess their reading skills.

In addition, Lexia learners will have access to e-books from various genres such as mystery stories, fantasy stories, and historical stories among others. It is easy to use and it also allows one to read anywhere due to its mobile version. One can download e-books online or offline depending on user preferences.

Lexia learning provides a platform for learners to develop reading skills. Learners can choose from many different e-books on various subjects.

Lexia Learning is safe since one can set a timer so that one will not be distracted for too long while reading. Learners are also encouraged with rewards in Lexia, therefore, they can read as much as they can.


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