Fashion Nova Student Discount Code [FEB 2024]

Looking for the latest Fashion Nova Student discounts ? If YES, we have the latest codes and tricks to get discounts for the Fashion Nova store.

Note: All the discount codes you find below may work since most of them expires very soon and are limited but we will try to update once new discounts for students get listed.

Fashion Nova Student Discounts & FAQs

Below, we will be discussing how to get student discounts for the Fashion Nova store, the ways to save more, how much you can save as a student, etc…

Q. Does Fashion Nova Have Special Discounts For Students?

Ans: No. Currently Fashion does not provide any special discount codes especially for students but they are welcomed to use general coupons listed below:
EXTRA15 – Use this code to get 15% Off

Q. Can I use multiple Discount codes for a single order?

Ans: For a single online order, you are allowed to use only one Fashion nova promo code.

Q. How Much Can I Save With Fashion Nova Student Discount?

Ans: In general whenever a student discount is offered will only be available for a limited time and also offers will keep changing from time to time.

Q. How to apply student discount?

Ans: You can apply discount codes only through their app or on the official website of

Q. Who is eligible for student discount?

Ans: It depends upon store policy which definitely will be different for different stores. We suggest you to check with their policy page.


General FAQs

It’s time to answer a few common doubts you might be having:

Q. Does Fashion Nova offer international shipping?

Ans: Yes definitely! Fashion Nova offers international shipping. You can check their official page here:

Q. What are the methods of payment?

Ans: Fashion Nova accepts most of the major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, Amex, PayPal, etc. The payment process is absolutely safe and swift.

Q. Is it possible to alter my orders?

Ans: When you have placed an order successfully, Fashion Nova will fulfill your orders as fast as possible. So once the order has been placed, you cannot change it. Instead, you can contact customer care for returning your online order.

Q. How can I track my online order?

Ans: You can track your online order easily by clicking on the link, “track my order.” here you have to enter your order number as well as the email address.

Q. How can I contact Fashion Nova?

Ans: If you have any query, question, or doubt, or if you want to comment on any of their products, kindly fill the online contact form and fill it and submit it online. Fashion Nova customer care executive will revert soon.

Q. Will I get a discount while referring to a friend?

Ans: No, there is no discount provided at present for referring a friend.

Q. Do they have any Return Policy?

Ans: Yes they do have a return policy. Read more here:


More Ways To Get Fashion Nova Student Discounts

We call know there are no official Fashion Nova discounts for students but still can use their general coupons. Let us now see how as a student can save more with FashionNova:

  • Coupon Websites: Probably the easiest way to find coupon codes is through coupon websites such as RetailMeNot and You just search for what you want to buy and they will show some available coupons/discounts on it (Don’t forget to check us out too).
  • Follow Official Social Media handles: A lot of stores offer their own discount codes which you can find through the company’s social media pages.
  • Social Media Sharing: There are tons of posts being shared every day through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with people sharing their best deals or coupons they have collected. If you search the Internet with specific keywords, you can find some coupons.
  • Trading Coupons with Friends: We have seen this happen to our friends/collegues before where they will just simply give away their discount codes to other people if they are not going to use it. This is basically recycling but I’m sure you can also get something in return from your friend who gets the free coupon code.
  • Follow Newsletter: For almost well established stores have newsletter option where you just sign into it and you can see you will be getting promotional discounts at the earliest if anything comes up.


Tips to Try When Discount Code Didn’t Work

You finally found a coupon code for Fashion Nova and the discount you received was between 10 – 30%. You followed all the steps correctly, but when you went to check out, they said that your discount code was invalid.

Don’t fret yet! There are certain things you can try before calling customer service to complain about your bad luck with trying to save money.

  • Space: Delete any spaces after pasting/typing discount codes as some codes only work with exact code & also keep in mind that some codes only be valid for certain items..
  • Retype it: Yes, this may seem like something silly or even obvious, but do it anyway. Sometimes in our excitement to score some savings, we misspell the coupon code during checkout and end up getting thwarted by an unknown error message at the end of checkout. This usually happens if you’re typing too quickly. Take a step back & double-check.
  • Narrow it down: If you’re positive that the coupon code is spelled correctly and there’s no space after it, then try doing some simple math with your code. Add or subtract numbers from it to narrow down what exactly may have affected the outcome of the checkout process. For example, if your coupon code was “15%”, try entering “14%” or “16%” instead. If anything changes in the outcome, then you know that one of those two numbers caused an issue during checkout, so you can start parsing through them to find out which one is causing problems for you.
  • Combine It: If all else fails, use another discount code! Since they are usually valid for longer periods of time than one-day offers, you should try combining all of them together (and be sure to use the correct billing address for each one). If everything goes through successfully, then you can chalk it up to a frantic employee who lets your discount code expire.
  • Not valid on sale items: This is something that many people do not know about until they go through checkout and are surprised by the message “Coupon Code invalid”. Coupon codes usually only work if the item you’re buying is NOT on sale. So before you buy anything online, just click around a bit to see whether or not it’s on sale right now. That way you won’t have any surprises when checking out.


About Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova Student Discount Code

Fashion Nova is your one-stop solution for all your fashion wear. There you can shop for a multitude of voguish clothes that too at an affordable range. Their latest collection of clothing and outfits makes you a mini fashion icon. As you walk on the streets, your trendiest outfits will grab everyone’s eyeballs. With Fashion Nova wears, you will look like a million bucks, high in confidence. 

Their versatile fashion collection caters to the need of people belonging to different walks of life. The social butterfly, party-goer, hustler, globe trotter, trendsetter, everyone can get something of their choice and taste in Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova outfits give you a fresh identity, wrapped up in style and elegance. 

Fashion Nova is located in the heart of Downtown, Los Angeles. There are a total of 5 retail locations that run through Southern California. In the year 2018, Fashion Nova became the topmost fashion brand to be searched on Google. Fashion Nova brings to you the trendiest, most sought-after, voguish, head-turning outfits ever. The best part is that it delivers all across the globe. 


We hope you find a working discount code for Fashion Nova and how to use them!

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