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California Guard Card Test Answers

California Guard Card Test Answers – Model Paper 1

Q. Which of the following is a true statement?
Ans: Our online training system allows you to work at your own pace, logging in and out as often as needed.

Q. True or False: Since the final exam is a subset of all of the quiz questions throughout the course, if you don’t miss any quiz questions, you don’t have to take the final exam.
Ans: False

Q. Which of the following is NOT a true statement:
Ans: When you complete a course within our system, we will mail you out a certificate of completion for you to use when getting your guard card.

Q. True or False: Although you can take courses in our system 24×7, you can only purchase courses during regular business hours.
Ans: False

Q. True or False: Our online training system will work on Windows and Macintosh/Apple computers, iPhones, iPads and most Android-based phones and tablets.
Ans: True

Q. Which of the following is a true statement:
Ans: You can log into our system from any computer or device that is connected to the internet and continue a course where you left off, using a different computer or device connected to the internet.

Q. Even though you only need to pass the 8-hour Power to Arrest and Weapons of Mass destruction Course (THIS COURSE) to apply for a guard card, all first-year security guards in CA are required to take 32-hours of continuing education courses and turn the certificates into their employers.
Ans: True

Q. True or False: The Guard Card Course is and 8-hour course that is broken up into two 4-hour sections.
Ans: True

Q. True or False: At the end of the first 4-hours, Power to Arrest, you will be able to understand restraint techniques and understand their implications.
Ans: True

Q. There are almost four times as many security guards working in California as there are police officers.
Ans: True

Q. True or False: The BSIS regulates security guards and employers in California, but they do not issue guard cards.
Ans: False

Q. True or False: As part of its mission, the BSIS actively investigates complaints against its licensees and works to punish unlicensed business operations.
Ans: True

Q. A Guard Card and a PSO license are the exact same thing.
Ans: False

Q. All first-year security guards are required to take 32 hours of additional training, after they finish this initial 8-hour course, receive their guard card, and start working.
Ans: True

Q. Which if the following is NOT true.
Ans: A California State Guard Card is has to be renewed every year.

Q. True or False: The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA or Department) and Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS or Bureau) has jurisdiction over the private security industry.
Ans: True

Q. The security guard’s role BEFORE a violation has been committed is to:
Ans: Prevention

Q. What is the security guard’s role AFTER a violation has been committed?
Ans: Observe and report

Q. Acting in such a way as to make someone think that you are a peace officer is:
Ans: Illegal and should never be done

Q. You are patrolling a company parking lot and see two people trespassing near a car on the lot. You should first:
Ans: Politely ask what they are doing

Q. Security officers have the same power to arrest as:
Ans: private persons (citizens).

Q. Who can make a felony arrest?
– A peace officer
– A security guard
– Other private persons

Q. If a guard uses too much force to make an arrest, he may be sued and/or have criminal charges filed against him.
Ans: True

Q. When arresting a suspect for suspicion of burglary, you should say
– I am making a citizen’s arrest.
– You are under arrest for suspicion of burglary.

Q. When you are not sure whether to detain or arrest, you should:
Ans: Observe and report and not detain or arrest.

Q. If the suspect looks bigger and stronger, would that be a good reason for a security guard not to make an arrest by himself?
Ans: Yes

Q. Can you search people before arresting them?
Ans: No

Q. You are working as a security guard at a factory. The owner thinks that some employees are stealing tools. He asks you to search their cars on the parking lot. Are you legally allowed to search their cars?
Ans: No

Q. Are you allowed to reach in through an open car window to take out tools that may have been stolen?
Ans: No

Q. When you make an arrest, you should call the police:
Ans: Without delay or as soon as possible.

Q. As a security guard, are your duties the same as a peace officer’s?
Ans: No

Q. In our legal system, innocence or guilt is decided only by a court.
Ans: Yes

Q. Are you, or any private person, legally required to arrest a suspect once you have seen him commit a crime?
Ans: no


California Guard Card Test Answers – Model Paper 2

Q. Can you search a person to try to find enough evidence to arrest him?
Ans: no

Q. What police procedure is followed when a suspect is taken into custody?
– They take the suspect to the station and book him.
– They write a citation on the spot and then let him go.
– They submit reports to the district attorney for handling.

Q. If you make a legal citizen’s arrest, are the police required by law to arrest the suspect?
Ans: no

Q. A FELONY crime is generally considered to be:
Ans: a major crime

Q. A MISDEMEANOR crime is generally considered to be:
Ans: a minor crime

Q. As a security guard, you are meeting a primary responsibility when you:
– observe safety hazards.
– observe security violations.
– report safety hazards and security violations.

Q. A security guard’s authority to question people on private property owned by his employer or client is:
Ans: greater than that of private parties.

Q. The two conditions that must exist before a felony arrest can be made are: 1) that a felony crime must have been committed; and 2) you must have reason to believe the suspect actually committed the felony crime.
Ans: Yes

Q. You witness a woman setting fire to a building. The offense she may have committed is:
Ans: arson

Q. A man in a bar is making obscene remarks and trying to start fights. The security guard on duty asks the man to leave, but he refuses. The offense he may have committed is:
Ans: disturbing the peace and trespassing

Q. A person breaks into a drug store late at night and takes several bottles of pills. What offense may have been committed?
Ans: burglary

Q. An employee’s husband waits in the parking lot by her car. When she arrives he hits her. What offense may have been committed?
Ans: battery

Q. Is a person with only a security guard registration allowed to carry a deadly weapon?
Ans: no

Q. When searching a suspect, you may search for the following:
Ans: weapons only, when you have reasonable grounds to believe the suspect has a weapon.

Q. A woman tells you, “The suspect tried to kill the bus driver with a metal pipe.” This statement is:
Ans: a conclusion

Q. A person who has been arrested for robbery should be referred to as:
Ans: the suspect

Q. True or False: You should not arrest a person for a misdemeanor unless that person has committed the offense in your presence.
Ans: True

Q. your wrongful acts as a security guard may result in a liability lawsuit to include which of the following parties?
– your employer
– other people involved

Q. True or False: Terrorism is a use of force or violence against persons or property for the purpose of intimidation or coercion.
Ans: True

Q. True or False: Are all acts of terrorism crimes?
Ans: True

Q. What are the four counter-terrorist techniques of physical security?
Ans: Deter, delay, deny and detect

Q. What are the two types of terrorism?
Ans: Domestic and International

Q. What are the characteristics of a terrorist?
– They will have a specific objective in mind.
– They will always conduct surveillance of the target.
– They will rehearse their operation.

Q. Appearance and cleanliness are not as important as showing up on time for work.
Ans: false

Q. The general public judges a security guard by:
– Appearance
– Speech
– Attitude

Q. True or False: The ability of a private security company and its security officers to fulfill their duties is dependent upon securing and maintaining public respect and approval.
Ans: True

Q. True or False: Accepting gratuity is acceptable at certain times.
Ans: False

Q. Is the “Security Guard’s Creed” only intended for security guards assigned to a post where the public is present?
Ans: No. The “Security Guard’s Creed” is always intended for security guards on duty no matter what type of post it is. It is also advisable that the “Security Guard’s Creed” is followed while off duty.

Q. Criminal maturity a guard should…
Ans: 18 years

Q. Division of statute law is two…
Ans: Criminal and civil

Q. Arrest or detention define as a deprivation of…
Ans: a person or person’s liberty is temporary or permanently

Q. Purpose of the patrol is…
Ans: Protect, people, property, and information

Q. If one of the guards is absent from duty and his post is left unguarded, you should…
Ans: Report to the supervisor/control room and do as directed

Q. The aim of crime since preservation is to…
Ans: Avoid contamination of evidence


California Guard Card Test Answers – Model Paper 3

Q. A number of monitors placed together…
Ans: Video board

Q. Information security includes…
Ans: Radio

Q. General patrol responsibilities are…
Ans: None of the above (10)

Q. The notebook is used for…
Ans: Using property on 12 hours duty

Q. A security guard should not carry any weapon unless authorized by…
Ans: Company

Q. Bomb search methods are…
Ans: Five

Q. Fault alarm is because of some faulty equipment, so…
Ans: report

Q. Customer service is always balanced against…
Ans: Security services

Q. The key to information security is…
Ans: To remain vigilant & giving access to staff

Q. Why do you use a portable radio?
Ans: send a message immediately

Q. Power of arrest be careful of weapons, they can be anything remember…
Ans: Distanc=time=option

Q. The most visible element of a security guard…
Ans: Uniform

Q. Where u make a note…
Ans: In your notebook

Q. Public relations…
Ans: Going the extra mile on customer service

Q. ……is of the security greatest weapon of the security guard…
Ans: Observation skills

Q. Access control can be accomplished…
Ans: By guard and physical system

Q. Who is responsible to search for bombs…
Ans: Police

Q. Who is responsible to pay the course fee…
Ans: The company

Q. Any object that is blocking the fire escape is…
Ans: Physical hazard

Q. Gathering information that is useful is…
Ans: Observation skills

Q. Placing other security guards around the area is a way of security…
Ans: An incident scene

Q. Before arresting a person you should know
Ans: Your legal rights and requirements

Q. when you deal with prejudice you should…
Ans: Change your behavior

Q. Vehicle or pedestrian access gate is a form of…
Ans: Building protection

Q. The explanation of your action and the demonstration that they….were reasonably necessary and not excessive is called…
Ans: Justification

Q. One of the general patrol responsibilities…
Ans: Ensure the area is secured from intrusion

Q. when u have seen the person committed a crime not when you think that evidence is called…
Ans: Sufficient evidence

Q. Treating everyone in the same way without making an assumption of anyone based on age religion or race…
Ans: Impartiality

Q. The person who represents an accused in the court is professionally in know as
Ans: Defence lawyer

Q. The police’s primary objective of them is…
Ans: conduct an investigation

Q. Door gate and intercom system are a focus of…
Ans: Building protection

Q. An accidental activation by a person could cause…
Ans: False alaram

Q. The authority of arrest…
Ans: Police and civilians


California Guard Card Test Answers – Model Paper 4

Q. Crime is an act or omission contrary to…
Ans: Islamic law, penal code, federal, or combination of two or more

Q. The most dangerous type of crime is…
Ans: Criminal

Q. In the case of kidnapping and robbery using force…
Ans: Deterrent

Q. In the event of damage to protected people’s property…
Ans: Protection scene until police arrive

Q. …..the distinction between good and bad and distinguish moral duties and obligation.
Ans: Ethic

Q. Smile and great people and speak well for the client…
Ans: Good public relation

Q. Being a uniformed security guard is present in the work workplace this indicates the…
Ans: Self-confidence

Q. Has the right to use force itself defense…
Ans: All of the above

Q. Squares and circle of research method of…
Ans: Suspected tool

Q. Ability to interpret your action and show they are reasonable is called…
Ans: Justification

Q. ____is under serious rational are not under compulsion.
Ans: Guilty person

Q. True or False: It takes the BSIS 7-15 business days to process your Guard Card application on average, if you don’t have a criminal record.

Q. In the case of emergency the most important thing for the security guard that possesses (have own)…
Ans: Leadership

Q. One of the major tasks of the security guard….. problems and emergencies…
Ans: Help

Q. …… a change from the normal position to the one that leads to problems…
Ans: Listen effectively

Q. The key to dealing with unauthorized people entering is to be….strict at the same time
Ans: Polite

Q. Paying attention of the speaker includes.
Ans: Listen effectively

Q. Is the way that people introduce themselves and consist of several features of…
Ans: Department

Q. Apart from the fact that the security guard that effectively…
Ans: Preserve a good relationship with the police.

Q. In the warning is the warning system what is the part that is creating the sound…
Alerting system

Q. Wireless device that is used as a center of operation of the company is…
The central device

Q. Vigilance is the key…

Q. While searching by security to person…
Be sensitive

Q. True or False: If you have a guard card, and weapons permit for a baton, and you are working for a Private Proprietary Security Employer (PSE), you can carry the baton while on duty.
Ans: False

Q. Intrusion alarm includes…
– Magnetic contact switches
– Glass break sensors
– Motion sensors
– Electric eye
– Seismic sensors
– Pressure sensors
– Panic and duress alarms

Q. Personal photo and smart card used for…
Ans: Access control


About California Guard Card Test

The California Guard Card Test is a requirement for all individuals who wish to work as security guards in the state of California. The test is designed to ensure that security guards are able to perform their duties in a professional and effective manner.

The test consists of two parts: a written examination and a practical skills test. The written examination covers topics such as the California Penal Code, the California Business and Professions Code, and the California Health and Safety Code. The practical skills test requires security guards to demonstrate their ability to perform various security-related tasks, such as searching for weapons and suspicious items, handcuffing suspects, and using radio communication equipment.

Security guards who pass the California Guard Card Test will be issued a California Guard Card, which must be renewed every two years. Those who fail the test will be required to retake it before they can apply for a guard card again.

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