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ALEKS is an online learning program (now acquired by Mcgraw-Hill) used to determine how well a student knows a particular subject and can be used to help students learn any subject material, such as math and chemistry.

It works by asking questions that cover the course material, assessing wrong answers, and giving feedback for each problem attempted.

ALEKS does not judge if the correct answer was found but rather provides students with information about what they do or don’t know.

Assessment in education has been evaluated for many years in order to ascertain whether it is successful in teaching concepts and helping students gain knowledge.

Research has introduced several types of assessment ranging from basic recall, which requires students to simply repeat facts, to deep conceptual understanding that goes into depth regarding the subject at hand.

Tests like this (and like ALEKS) require students to think about the subject and be able to apply it to a certain situation.

Deep conceptual understanding is seen as one of the most effective ways of assessing whether or not students truly know the material taught in school, allowing teachers to further explain topics students struggled with.

ALEKS can be used for both simple homework assignments and tests the student will take at school, testing what they should have learned over time.

The program asks specific questions that cover material from different sections in a course; for example, a math section in a science class might include algebraic functions or graphing information while a chemistry section may test atomic structures and chemical reactions.


Step-by-Step Guide on How ALEKS Works

Recently, we learned about ALEKS and how it is a great way to learn new things quickly. It can give you an “upper hand” that most students don’t have – learning the same material as everyone else but at a faster pace.

The best part of all is that once you’ve taught yourself something on ALEKS, you can show off your knowledge in class to get better grades.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to learn what you want when you want:

  1. First, go to the ALEKS website and click “Sign Up.” Next, choose any course that you want to work on because this is just for practice, the course doesn’t matter. On the left-hand side of the page, click “Practice.”
  2. From here, you can work on any unit from the course. For example, if I choose to work on Unit 1 from my Calculus class, I see a list of problems from that particular unit. The first time that you work on a unit, it’ll ask you to input your current knowledge of the course. This is just so that the program knows where to begin and what areas to strengthen.
  3. After this initial assessment, ALEKS will give you problems in order from easiest to hardest. For each problem, it also gives multiple ways for you to solve it. This includes: “Quick and Easy,” the steps to solve the problem, and “Why This Answer is Correct.” we suggest trying each way at least once – you can learn something new every time!
  4. Once you’ve finished with all of the problems assigned in a unit (or if you want to practice for longer), ALEKS will give you a “Go” button. If you click this, it gives you problems based on the ones that you’ve done before and also includes new ones for extra practice.
  5. Another way to learn through ALEKS is using math journals. These are notebooks that contain notes about the material that you’re studying. When you go to the “Journals” tab, you can choose a journal for any course that you want. Once you’ve chosen a journal and started writing in it, ALEKS will give you problems to solve based on what you’re writing about.
  6. Once again – with journals, there is more than one way to answer questions! This is helpful because it allows you to learn different methods of solving the same question. If you try out both ways, writing about your thought process can help you remember how to solve things later on.

This has been a guide on how to learn whatever material that you want through ALEKS even if you’re not great with handling your subjects.


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