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California's Prospects: Reclaiming the Promise of Access and Equity in California's Community Colleges, October 2010
By Anne Price
Posted Mon, Oct 25th, 2010

In our final report for the community college field, California’s Prospects: Reclaiming the Promise of Access and Equity in California’s Community Colleges, 2010, we assert that in order to help our community colleges fulfill the promise of a diverse and equitable society, we must advance a bold new vision of equity in California’s community colleges that this moment demands: a vision that both addresses the gaps in academic success among vulnerable students, while simultaneously ensuring these students can navigate and transform an increasingly complex, pluralistic, and interdependent society. The most critical steps in breaking away from a history of differential educational outcomes among marginalized students are also the heaviest to lift. We need to make major shifts in how we teach, how we deliver services, and how we think about our most vulnerable students, and thereby have a better chance of adequately serving all students.

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