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Q. Suit of Armor
Ans:  Knight gown

Q. Centimeter
Ans: Breath analyzer

Q. Raincoat
Ans: Thunder wear

Q. Pasteurize
Ans: Too far to see

Q. A Fourth of July
Ans: Just under eight days

Q. Sleeping Bag
Ans: Nap Sack

Q. Twins
Ans: Womb mates

Q. Buckshot
Ans: A dollar wasted

Q. Coffee
Ans: Break fluid

Q. Twin
Ans: Infant replay

Q. Carrot Juice
Ans: Hair Tonic

Q. Male Surfer
Ans: Man overboard

Q. First Aid instructor
Ans: Wizard of gauze

Q. Quartz watch
Ans: Looking at milk

Q. Condense
Ans: A dumb criminal

Q. Thousand Dollar Bill
Ans: Part of an expensive duck

Q. Daffodil
Ans: A goofy pickle

Q. Program
Ans: In favor of the metric system

Q. Flu Shot
Ans: A job well done

Q. Prizewinning dog
Ans: Show arf

Q. Mudpie
Ans: Earth cake

Q. Pick for Mountain Climbers
Ans: Climb ax

Q. Information
Ans: How navy planes fly

Q. Buccaneer
Ans: High price for

Q. Europe
Ans: Your turn to bat

Q. Underground Garage
Ans: Wall to wall carpet

Q. Doughnut
Ans: Crazy banker

Q. Haunted House
Ans: A nervous manor

Q. Warehouse
Ans: What do you say when lost

Q. Explain
Ans: Not scrambled or fried

Q. Lumberjack
Ans: A wooden pancake

Q. Meteorite
Ans: A space chip

Q. Campaign
Ans: Hurt while camping

Q. Royalty
Ans: What a queen drinks

Q. Will
Ans: A dead giveaway

Q. Lazy Butcher
Ans: Meat loafer

Q. Rubber Raft
Ans: Play buoy

Q. Corn Salesman
Ans: Stalk broker

Q. Meteorite
Ans: A space chip

Q. Romantic
Ans: An Italian insect

Q. American
Ans: A happy container

Q. Beauty Parlour
Ans: A place where you go to curl up and dye.

Q. Claustrophobia
Ans: The fear of Santa Claus

Q. Scandal
Ans: You should be ashamed of this footwear

Q. Vigilante
Ans: Your very observant aunt.

Q. Maximum
Ans: A very large mother

Q. Melancholy
Ans: A melon-shaped dog

Q. Negligent
Ans: Aman who wears lingerie

Q. Oasis
Ans: Poker player’s cry of delight

Q. Posthumous:
Ans: The art of delivering dip by mail

Q. Reincarnation
Ans: Being born again as a tin of condensed milk


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About Daffynition Decoder

Daffynition Decoder Answers Key

Daffynition is a fun word game invented by Donavan Stepp in the early 1980s. Though it was originally designed as a card game, people all over have been creating their own ways to play Daffynition – from an app for your phone, to a podcast. But what is Daffynition?

Daffynition, also known as ‘Daffynitions,’ is a word game in which two or more people try to come up with humorous definitions for strange words. The person coming up with the best definition wins that round.

A common variation of Daffynition is when someone gives you a letter and your group tries to guess what word they are thinking of.

For example, one might say “I’m thinking of a four-letter word that means feeling intoxicated,” to which the group would reply with words such as ‘drunk’ and ‘wasted.’ The goal is not to give them the clue they gave you; rather, it is up to your creativity and ingenuity to devise and guess words.


How to Play Daffynition Decoder

In order to play Daffynition well, it is important to improvise well and to have a large vocabulary. [Don’t actually say that in the article] The more you can think outside of the box when playing, the better chance you have of winning.

Since it is difficult for a group to come up with a definition for every word, the goal is to try and give creative definitions that don’t just rely on inside jokes or references. It will also help you if you study new words before playing with them, so you can learn how they’re commonly used in conversations.

Even though Daffynition was originally released as a card game, it has evolved to go beyond just paper, and now exists as an app for your phone, a board game, and even a podcast. So if you’re looking to get creative and try something new, then check out Daffynition.

And that’s what Daffynition is!


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