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Community Leadership & Engagement

California Perspectives: Vol. 2
by California Tomorrow
California Perspectives: Vol. 3
by California Tomorrow
California Perspectives: Vol. 4 - Special Issue: Community Canons
by California Tomorrow
California Perspectives: Vol. 5
by California Tomorrow
Community Building and Diversity: Principles for Action
by Hedy Nai-Lin Chang
Drawing Strength from Diversity
by Hedy Nai-Lin Chang, Denise De La Rosa Salazar and Cecilia Leong
Drawing Upon Language & Cultural Assets: A Toolkit for Strengthening Low-Income Rural Latino Communities
by Jhumpa Bhattacharya, Laurie Olsen, Jimena Quiroga & Jesus Solorio
No More Lies, No More Shame (curriculum)
The Need For Change Is Now: Students Demand Justice In Their Schools
by Kennese Bass, Zoe Chace, Mamie Chow, Henry Nguyen, Laurie Olsen and Melissa Valentine
The Schools We Need Now: How Parents, Families and Communities Can Change Schools
by Carol Dowell and Laurie Olsen
Walking the Walk: Principles for Building Community Capacity for Equity and Diversity
by Hedy Nai-Lin Chang, Ted Scott Femenella, Nguyen Louie, Benjamin Murdock and Elena Pell
We Speak America (English with Spanish Subtitles)
We Speak America: A Video Bridging Culture, Language and Identity

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