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Transforming Curriculum, Empowering Faculty: Deepening Teachers' Understanding of Race, Class, Culture and Language
by Cecelia Alvarado, Hedy Nai-Lin Chang, Julie Olsen Edwards, Christina Lopez-Morgan and Dora Pulido-Tobiassen

Transforming Curriculum, Empowering Faculty offers in-depth understanding of what it takes to engage faculty in re-thinking their core beliefs and practices. It tells the story of an innovative professional development effort known as the Early Childhood Curriculum Leadership Institute: A Focus on Race, Class, Culture, and Language. An Invaluable resource for anyone committed to rethinking the way we equip college faculty and early childhood teachers to effectively educate their diverse students.

This publication offers insight into:

  • the impact of changing demographics on community colleges;
  • the implications of racism, classism, and cultural and linguistic diversity for campuses and early childhood education;
  • guiding principles for effective training about equity and diversity;
  • strategies for implementing these guiding principles;
  • the nature and process of personal change around equity and diversity;
  • how to replicate this professional development exercise in your own community
"I know from years of experience leading anti-racist professional development, the challenge and the joy inherent in working with others to deepen our understanding and commitment to interpret oppressive systems. The sense of effort and reward are palpably present in this book and offer inspiration to the reader to continue on this rocky road."
Beverly Daniel Tatum, Author, Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

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