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K-12 School Reform

California Tomorrow helps K-12 public schools to become equitable, accessible, high quality learning environments for California’s diverse student population.

An equitable, high quality public education system is essential to ensure that all communities have access to full participation in our economic, political and social systems. Yet the long journey to end the exclusion and unequal education of communities of color, immigrants, cultural and linguistic minorities and low-income students continues. Disproportionately, these groups are provided less access to qualified teachers, to library and technological resources, to safe facilities and high quality materials. Their cultures and languages are marginal or invisible in the curriculum. And they are tracked into pathways that prepare them neither for higher education nor for careers. Despite large-scale school reform efforts at the state and federal levels, persistent achievement gaps are not being closed.

Over the two decades that California Tomorrow has been in existence, a major emphasis of our work has been on strengthening and creating a public school system that embraces and serves all of our communities. The goal is high quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate instruction, programs and services.
  • We have developed, piloted and successfully demonstrated a high school Equity Centered School Reform model that has proven to build the capacity of educators, to strengthen programs, lessen achievement gaps, and improve immigrant students’ progression through high school.
  • We have conducted groundbreaking research – on the impacts of school reforms on patterns of equity, on best practices in inclusive curriculum design and teaching strategies, on data-based approaches to improving public education, and on the experiences of immigrant students in schools.
  • We have provided technical assistance and professional development to thousands of educators, hundreds of schools, and dozens of school districts and county offices of education. We continue to provide these services through contracts throughout the nation.
  • We have worked with parent groups, community groups and advocates to build a movement to create equitable and visionary schools.
Sample K-12 Projects
  • Secondary School Leadership for English Learner Success. We are developing and piloting a new six-module Leadership Development Model for the Los Angeles County Office of Education, covering topics such as: understanding English Learners, using data on English Learner achievement, approaches to program design, building a master schedule, supporting quality classroom instruction, and creating 21st Century visionary schools.
  • For English Learner Success. Under contract to the California Department of Education, we produced a 38-minute video, showcasing inspirational and effective approaches for educating English Learners to guide schools and districts in the use of their Title III (No Child Left Behind) resources.
  • Small School Coaching and Support. We provide training and support for leadership teams at small autonomous schools in addressing the needs of English Learners.
  • Bridging Multiple Worlds We have developed and piloted a model for creating high schools focused on the theme of Bridging Multiple Worlds. This model, piloted at Mandela High School in Oakland, California, focuses on honoring young people’s cultures and validating their languages. It also helps them develop the knowledge and skills they need to thrive and lead in diverse cultural, racial and language communities and inspires them to act for social justice. It includes a course curriculum on Bridging Multiple Worlds and templates for creating a Bridging Multiple Worlds diploma that includes community service, academic portfolios, and an optional Seal of Biliteracy.
  • PROMISE Initiative. California Tomorrow is an active partner with six county offices of education in the creation of The PROMISE Initiative, a six-county partnership working toward systemic district reform on issues of bilingualism, biliteracy and multiculturalism. One school district has been selected in each of the six counties (Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego, Riverside, Orange, and Ventura) to implement innovative models built on a set of research-based principles. A feeder pattern will ensure consistent student participation from preschool through high school.
  • Californians Together. California Tomorrow continues to be a major partner in Californians Together, a statewide education advocacy coalition working on behalf of English Learners that we helped to start six years ago.
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