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The Equity-Driven Systems Change (ESC) Model: A Toolkit for Improving Institutional Practice and Student Outcomes, December 2010
By Singhashri (Kica) Gazmuri, Sheryl Petty, and Ed Porter
Posted Wed, Mar 16th, 2011

This Toolkit offers community colleges support in creating equity-driven change designed to improve outcomes for all students, particularly their most vulnerable students. Today’s community colleges serve an increasing number of low-income students, students of color, immigrants, and first generation college-goers. By using the term “equity-driven” we emphasize the importance of equity in both the process and the outcomes of creating change. Community colleges can better support students by implementing fair, meaningful, participatory planning processes that lead to positive, system-wide, institutional change.

Although these tools are geared toward the needs of community colleges, most of them can be adapted and applied to meet the needs of other educational systems and organizations such as four-year colleges and universities, K-12 districts and schools, and after-school and youth development programs.

The Toolkit is designed for three types of users:

  • Administrators and policymakers can use the Toolkit as a guidebook to the Equity-Driven Systems Change (ESC) Model and what it offers.
  • Planning and Design Teams can use the tools to create an equity-driven change process.
  • Committees and departments can use many of the activities and resources as stand-alone tools to enrich current processes and planning.

It also includes several types of tools:
  • Institutional and Systems Improvement Rubrics that support colleges to assess the efficacy of their work including strategies, implementation processes, and professional learning needs.
  • Facilitators’ Guides that provide step-by-step instructions on how to lead specific activities of teams engaged in improvement efforts.
  • Participant Handouts that support the work of teams in a change process.
  • Critical Considerations that provide tips and strategies to consider throughout a change process, particularly in maintaining and deepening an equity lens.
  • Profiles of Colleges and Vignettes that highlight the work of three community colleges in California.

Click here to download the full toolkit.

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