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The New Frontier: An Integrated Framework for Equity & Transformative Improvement in Education, October 2010
By Sheryl Petty
Posted Tue, Oct 26th, 2010

There is considerable work being undertaken by educators and change agents committed to improving outcomes for students using significantly different approaches to improving schools and school systems from those seeking to improve standards, align curriculum, and build better assessment systems; to those seeking to deeply engage with marginalized parents, families, and communities; to those seeking to meaningfully involve students in their schools, planning, and community improvement; to those seeking to infuse robust, culturally responsive practice into every facet of teaching and learning. In the midst of this, too many students do not see schools as places that can inspire their curiosity and passion for learning; deepen their understanding about themselves, the world, and other people; and support their ability to make significant, positive change in their communities.

This Framework seeks to address these issues by placing various educational improvement approaches in the field in relation to each other so that we can have a shared, more comprehensive understanding of our collective efforts and why, how, and when we are working at cross-purposes. We hope the document contributes to efforts to prepare all students to become knowledgeable, compassionate, self-reflective, civically engaged, globally literate people with the skills to create more joyful, socially, and economically prosperous communities.

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